Christina (Yae In) Lee. 18years old, love everything retro, instant cofee and waffles, pretty pencils, lights camera action, born and living in the nyc, peach yogurt, animals, maxi skirts, bike riding, music, and a whole lot of future dreams.


I am frustrated out of my mind.

I am tired of being a “bitch”.

I am not a bitch.

That is not my name.

I am already trying to figure out who I am and being called a bitch is not helping.

Maybe you’re the messed up one.

Maybe you’re the bitch.

Or maybe I am a bitch considering that every single time we meet, you call me that.

But you know what?

I hope that you know that you have problems too.

How about you fix your own attitude?

How about you listen to me when I am talking to you about how my weekend at RIDE was? It’s funny cause your friends listen.

How about you genuinely ask me how my day was and not use me only for my meal plan?

How about you evaluate yourself first before calling anyone a bitch?

Because you seem to think that everything is always the opposite person’s fault.

You’re extremely wrong. 

No one ever gets me that frustrated.

That tells me something.

what do I do when I just want to curl up into a ball and cry